The story has begun in Istanbul, Turkey when the company was established in 1983. Our owner and founder is a marine chief engineer with almost 50 years of maritime experience.

We are always targeting to improve our service quality and gain more customer satisfaction.Onursan can provide you the services with the most experienced technical team in Turkey.Now that we are also serving our customers in USA, we are able to offer you same range of services.

We know the importance of life at sea and we know that you need a reliable service company.

Onursan is adding the new vision of marine fire and safety service to the marine industry market by its reliable name and innovative approach to its customer needs.Not only we like to achieve more success on getting our company to a higher leauge of competion but also we would like the others to follow the path that we have created. We take pride in what we have achieved with our the most experienced team..

Being a family business company has never helped us more than anything to be a real family with our co-workers.Yes we are a family, a big family whom you can trust,  when and wherever you need FRS service for your ships.Because we know this job more than any others here..